Left to right: Casey, James, Kevin, Andrea, Eric, Aaron, Alyssa, Nathan, Mama Jo, Gail, Matt, Geoff. Down in front: Joe and Mark 

Every one of these folks work non-stop all weekend (and most, year-round) to ensure your incredible festival experience!  Jo and Eric founded Willowsong in 2017 and with the help of this team it became a reality. Eric and Kevin curate the line up and produce all of the audio all weekend long. Mama Jo keeps everyone and everything in line, she is the Willowsong Mama after all! James works tirelessly preparing the festival grounds and is the Fire Master Extraordinaire. Casey looks after James, greets our guests at the gate, works in our merchandise store, and makes us all smile! Andrea is our print media designer and Hospitality Specialist. Aaron is site manager and The Everything Man. Alyssa is a designer and our Networking Guru. Mark never stops promoting and can be found working or dancing at every turn! Gail and Geoff are Mama Jo's parents and their never-ending support keeps us going year round. They also help out all weekend in the merchandise store, parking and wherever else a hand is needed. Matt is Mama Jo's brother and he and Hippy Joe volunteer all weekend helping with whatever is needed wherever! *Not pictured here, as he is holding the camera, is Andre, our Videographer and Social Media (mad) Scientist!*